Field Trips

Take your students on a fun, educational day trip where you'll explore the St. Johns River and discover interesting facts about the different species of birds, reptiles, animals, and plants that call it home. Our river cruise loops around Blue Springs Park, a more than 2,600-acre park, where you'll get to see a wide range of wildlife. From alligators in the water to bald eagles in the sky, bring central Florida's natural splendor to life for your students.

Dip & Learn

Native-II Field Trip BoatOur interactive Dip & Learn field trip activity is 1.5 hours long and allows children to get near the diverse ecosystem that lives within the water. Children are able to get up close to wildlife instead of being on a large boat five to six feet above the water and away from the plants and animals. They'll be able to actually see right down into the water teeming with fish, reptiles, plants, and more.

For the truly curious, children can dip net creatures and vegetation then place them in small white tubs for inspection and identification. Not only is it an engaging and immersive activity, but they also learn about biology too. Children are encouraged to draw pictures of what they see during the Dip & Learn activity and group discussions.

Your group will also get to explore the science of water when three children are picked to do water temperature, turbidity, and salt level testing. After completing the test, they'll put their heads together to help present to the rest of the group on the importance of these water tests and their outcomes (with a helping hand from the captain).

Manatee Sightings

St. John's River offers year-round activities like picnicking and swimming in the summertime, and camping and birdwatching in the wintertime. One of the biggest attractions in the wintertime and early spring, however, are the manatees. Blue Springs Park is a designated manatee refuge and a winter hangout for these large, lovable 'sea cows.'

You can see a group of manatees swimming out in the river creating a truly spectacular sight. By bringing your students on a winter field trip to see the manatees, you'll give them an unforgettable learning experience about these unique marine mammals.

River Cruise Vessels

Cruise the St. John's River with your field trip on our comfortable and spacious boats. All of our captains are licensed by the United States Coast Guard and our river cruise vessels, The Native II and Eagle, are United States Coast Guard inspected.

Educational Day TripsEnjoy the river's breeze in our open-air covered vessel, the Native II. It's licensed to carry a maximum of 60 people and has airline-style bench seating. For our guests' convenience, the boat has an enclosed flushing marine toilet that is located behind the captains' station and is wheelchair accessible. Native II also has a wheelchair area in the center of the boat, seating for their guests, and a lifting device to bring guests in wheelchair or mobility type scooters onto the deck.

Our enclosed vessel, the Eagle, is licensed to carry a maximum of 37 adults only (but can carry more if some of the guests are children). With windows all around the boat, you can keep them opened or closed depending on the weather and your comfort. The Eagle also has heat available in the colder months - perfect for those cooler mornings during manatee season.

The Eagle has seating along both sides and back-to-back in the center. The boat's 10-foot snack bar in the rear of the passenger compartment gives you space for refreshments and to congregate. A wireless sound system is also available on the boat for group and charter announcements or to play music for a livelier atmosphere. Like the Native II, the Eagle is also wheelchair accessible and offers an enclosed flushing marine toilet for guests' convenience.

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